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The Advantages of Soundbars

A soundbar is a type of audio system enclosure which effectively replicates the right-left effect of stereo sound from a single component. Soundbars are relatively wide and short, since the side space helps create the stereo sound effect while saving space. They are defined by how many sound

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Home theater magazine led tv reviews

One of the big benefits of LCD TVs is that they're extremely energy efficient and, in general, will be less of a power hog than an OLED. The light output of LED-backlit LCDs is also higher than comparably-priced OLEDs, which is becoming more important with the prominence of Hight Dynamic Range

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Advantages of Wireless Speakers

With the advent of Bluetooth wireless technology, wireless speakers are becoming the norm in the world of home audio, and wired speakers are slowly becoming less and less common. However, you may have heard some purists bemoaning the demise of wired speakers and you might be wondering about the

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Do I Need an Amplifier?

Amplifiers are among the most complex pieces of home audio equipment, and you may be wondering exactly what an amp adds to your system. Not all home theater systems require amplifiers, but others can most certainly benefit from them. An amplifier, in essence, increases the amount of current in an

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JBL Bar 5.1

The JBL Bar 5.1 is the first sound bar equipped with battery-operated, wireless surround speakers. Paired with a wireless subwoofer featuring a 300 Watt amplifier and a 10? (25 cm) driver, this sound bar is compatible with the HDMI 2.0 standard as well as 4K content. A credible alternative to a

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The best universal remotes

Are you sick of using a million different remotes to control your media room? Sounds like you should invest in a universal remote. Brands like Logitech have been making these A/V saviors for years, and there’s a reason they haven’t stopped. A solid universal remote consolidates all your home