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Repair Scandinavian style: 4 important points

I have many times talked about interiors in a Scandinavian style, their main features and distinctive traits, but today I would like to delve further into this topic and to share important tips with regards to Nordic design. In recent years, this trend is becoming increasingly popular, but why be surprised – many appreciate it for its simplicity, conciseness, naturalness, and most importantly, accessibility. Plus, if you draw a parallel between us and the Scandinavians, will be found very much in common: the harsh climate, long winter and a catastrophic lack of sunlight. That is why this Northern style so harmoniously take root in Russian conditions. But how to accurately convey the true Scandinavian feel in your interior? Let’s deal!

Repair Scandinavian style is not only white walls, minimalist furniture IKEA, there are so many nuances that help to create a Nordic style. But, first things first…

1.Furniture Scandinavian interior

Most likely you just read about what furniture Scandinavian interior should be as functional, simple, concise, simple form and without any frills. It is desirable that it was made of natural light wood species(beech, birch, pine, spruce) or bent plywood. But what really can re-create the Scandinavian atmosphere in your own home, is the furniture masterpieces of the 50-60s from such masters of design as Alvar Aalto, Hans Wagner, Arne Jacobsen, Eero Saarinen, Eames and others. Their creations have managed to pass the test of time and now proudly wear the title “cult furniture”, and many of them are even exhibited in museums of modern art worldwide.
Repair Scandinavian style: 4 important points

Swan chair, Arne Jacobsen

Wishbone chairs, Hans Wagner

the chairs are Eames DSW, Eames

rocking chair Eames RAR, Eames

the Ant chair or the Ant Chair, Arne Jacobsen

the chairs are Eames DSW, Eames

the Butterfly chair or BKF chair, Austral Group

the Pantone chair, Verner Panton

Of course, the presence in the interior of such legendary pieces of furniture is an indicator of good taste, but when there is no possibility to buy original from authorized dealers, you can cheat a little bit by purchasing a high quality replica, which will cost much cheaper. There is another option – for those who want to do minimal means in the arrangement of a Scandinavian apartment, there’s always IKEA. This is perhaps the most budget option, but in this case forget about individuality, because the furniture is stamped in the millions.

2.Wall decoration in Scandinavian style

Speaking about the decoration, Scandinavian interior, the first thing that immediately attracts attention is, of course, easy. Most often the walls are just plastered smooth and painted white. Do not put yourself in the frame and do not limit yourself to only boil-and-white there are countless shades from pearl to ivory, among which you will definitely find “your” most pleasing to the eye. And keep in mind that the paint on the walls in your interior can look quite different than in the store. It is influenced by many factors, especially the lighting (both artificial and natural), so be sure to test any hints in terms of the room where they will be applied.

In addition to paint are sometimes used Wallpapers, in most cases, they pasted over one wall, which acts as accent. Note on a collection of Swedish companies, for example Borastappeter or Eco, they have a good selection of pictures, perfect for Scandinavian interior. In addition, a lot of cool options you can look at the British Cole&Son, I’m crazy about their Botanical series Palm Jungle and Woods, which I once wrote. Brickwork will also be a very bright accent to the white Scandinavian interior.

It may seem that the Scandinavian style is very easy to repeat yourself and this is the truth. But no one is immune from an unfortunate choice of a white shade which looks dirty gray in your bedroom, facing North, is not quite appropriate furniture or illiterate-plan. If you feel the strength and confidence that right – well, then act boldly! But if at this stage you start to slip in any doubt – it is better to consult knowledgeable professionals, so you do not get as in the saying “miser pays twice.”

3.Flooring Scandinavian interior

The most common flooring option in Scandinavia – is a great natural wood which makes it warmer than white space. In most cases, preference is given to a light pine, but it may be birch with beech, the main thing to remember is that the Scandinavians don’t really like wood with a reddish tint in the first place after all white wood. Quite harmoniously will look wood laminate or parquet Board, painted with white paint. From the top you can throw a small bright rug or shaggy pelt faux fur.

Kitchen is sometimes chosen instead of a wooden floor checkerboard black and white tile or any other that looks very contrasting and effectively. In the bathroom, too, preference is given to ceramic tiles with distinctive patterns.

4.Scandinavian style: lighting

To white Scandinavian room was turned into the bleak hospital room, you need to take care of good lighting. First, the space should be filled with sunshine, with this purpose, the Scandinavians completely get rid of any curtains on the Windows. For our mentality this solution seems too radical and not comfortable, so at least choose a light curtain of translucent fabric or Roman blinds with a subtle pattern. But if you do not mind the lack of curtains on the Windows – even better:)

Artificial lighting should also be a lot a chandelier certainly not do. Stick to the rules, which States that the room must be 3 lighting groups: major (top) in the form of a chandelier or a ceiling lamp, operating (aimed) is a lamps that give a directed beam of light – sconces, floor lamp, table lamp, and in the end you can arrange decorative lighting, creating the right atmosphere.

Artichoke pendant lamp, Poul Henningsen

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