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The Advantages of Soundbars

Should you add a soundbar to your home audio system?

A soundbar is a type of audio system enclosure which effectively replicates the right-left effect of stereo sound from a single component. Soundbars are relatively wide and short, since the side space helps create the stereo sound effect while saving space. They are defined by how many sound channels they offer; for example, a 2.1 soundbar indicates that the device has two channels: left and right. By contrast, a 5.1 soundbar has five different channels, which essentially delivers an experience comparable to surround sound from a single convenient enclosure.

Why Use a Soundbar?

The advantages of using a powered soundbar include:

  • Ease of system setup and use. When you purchase a soundbar system, you'll simplify your home audio system enormously. All the components, including a soundbar with subwoofer and all your speakers, come in one easy-to-assemble package. You won't have to worry about setting up individual speakers, running a confusing maze of wires, or having to solve technical issues revolving around signals not reaching certain speakers or system components.
  • Precision engineering. Sound bars produce much richer and more nuanced sound than any single speaker is capable of replicating. How? Well, soundbars feature two precision technologies that set them apart from regular speakers: amplification and sound processing. Both features are built into the soundbar system, using advanced technologies which ensure the soundbar is capable of perfect self-modulation. These components are carefully configured to enhance the specific soundbar, so you will enjoy outstanding performance time and time again.

You can also opt for an unpowered soundbar, which is an ideal solution if you already have an advanced home theater system. These soundbars connect directly with your system components, just like regular speakers, except they offer multi-channel sound.

What Is the Best Soundbar?

There is no single definitive answer to this question, but some soundbars have a better reputation for quality than others. Two leading brand names in the world of soundbars are Martin Logan and Sonos. The Martin Logan Motion Vision soundbar is one of the very best you can get for a home theater system, while the Sonos Playbar is among the most versatile options on the market. Both products convincingly recreate a multi-channel listening experience while simplifying your home audio system's layout.



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