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While I love the look of the Shabby Chic bedroom furniture and accessories, my bank account just doesn’t quite agree with me. Plus, I’ve never been interested in decorating my home so it looks exactly like a magazine. I want my home to be unique, not look like every other home across America. So with one eye toward Shabby-ness and the other on my wallet, I came up with some shabby cheap bedroom decorating ideas of my own.

Bed Linens – If you’re familiar with the Shabby linens then you’ll know that they include a lot of soft, pastel colors: rosy pinks and sky blues and minty green and buttery yellows. And the patterns ar generally delicate flowered patterns mixed with some stripes here and there. There are usually several patterns and stripes combined to give you that old-fashioned patchwork effect. You’ve probably also noticed that they’re very expensive.

Scout thrift stores and discount linen warehouses for patchwork quilts and bed skirts. There’s nothing that says your bedspread, bed skirt, sheets and rest cases all have to come in the same bag and be made of the same matching fabric. That’s the fun of shabby cheap decorating. I’ve picked up a bedspread, two quilts, a bed skirt plus sheets and pillow cases for less than half the price of one Shabby Chic bedspread and my bed looks like it was put together by a designer.

Furnishings – This is the fun part. One of my favorite bedroom decorating ideas is chairs. Yes, chairs. Not upholstered chairs but wooden, ladder-back chairs from old dining room sets. I love pick up uneven chairs and using them to decorate all through my house. Sometimes I’ll give them a fresh coat of paint, but usually I just leave them shabby. And since I already know you think I’m crazy, let maine tell you how I use them:

- At the top of the stairs – I have a little pale green desk chair at the top of the stairs that holds a small lamp that’s used as a night light, tonic with an old milk can full of roses by its side.

- In the bedroom – I have three chairs in the bedroom. One I use as a nightstand with a small lamp and my alarm clock, and the other I mounted to the wall and it has a pretty pink vase with an arrangement of silk peonies and a little china bowl for buttons and pins and such. The third holds a stack of colorful quilts I’ve picked up along the way and it just adds a splash of color to an otherwise boring corner of the room.

You can find amazing, unique furniture pieces at thrift stores. And since you’re looking for something that says shabby, you don’t have to look at the most expensive, newer pieces. In fact, the cheaper, older, and shabbier, the better.

When you’re looking for shabby cheap bedroom decorating ideas you can save a lot of money if you just think outside the box. That thrift-shop dresser power be the wrong color, but if it’s shabby already you’re half-way there. Pick it up for $20 instead of $400 or $500, and take it home and throw a coat of paint on it. Even your paint job doesn’t have to be perfect – we’re talking shabby here, remember?

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