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small modern bathroom vanity

Your bathroom vanity should give you a functional and fresh space for your morning routine. Modern vanities offer clean lines and stylish shapes that fit right in with today’s homes.

Find the Right Style for You

For a shared bathroom, a modern double sink vanity adds counter space and functionality to busy bath spaces . In a pint-sized powder room, a corner or floating modern vanity is a great option. Topped with a sleek cultured marble countertop, a flat-panel cabinet will be the focal point in your bath, while a vanity with a natural wood finish will anchor a minimalist bathroom.

Look for features like soft-closing doors, hidden drawers, and adjustable leg levelers when you make your decision. With a wide array of cabinet materials, sinks, hardware and finishes available, and even some vanities that include matching mirrors, you’ll find the perfect pairing for your bathroom space.

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