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small modern bathroom design ideas

Modern bathrooms create a simplistic and clean feeling. In order to design your modern bathroom make sure to utilize geometric shapes and patterns, clean lines, minimal colors and mid-century furniture. Your bathroom can effortlessly become a modern sanctuary for cleanliness and comfort.
Since bathrooms are spaces that we use everyday, their importance is far greater than we give it credit for. From bright and cheery to sophisticated and imposing, modern bathrooms have long gone beyond the limit of space. These modern details transform dull bathrooms into fantastic relaxation and refreshing spaces.
Bathroom design in a modern style is one of the most popular trends in interior design, it combines all the current ideas about beauty, practicality and comfort.
The bathroom often has high humidity, and the walls and floor can be exposed to direct water. Since hot water is used, the room must withstand not only high humidity, but also high temperature and steam exposure. Accordingly, when choosing furniture or finishing materials, it is necessary to have this in mind.
In addition, a modern bathroom is often used as a laundry - if the area allows. Here, a washing and drying machine is installed, as well as a place for storing laundry laundry. The bathroom is usually stored and household chemicals - after all, most often wash the plumbing right here. Based on the destination of the room, choose the equipment for it.

Simplistic Bathroom Decor Ideas

  • Arrange framed geometric shaped mirrors on bathroom wall

  • Place small white flower pots on shelves it add organic feel

  • Hang up framed modern prints

  • Add floor-to-ceiling mirror

  • Skip the “pop of color” and go for white and grey towels

  • Showcase concrete and wood elements

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